Not only a dancer

We don’t just dance…

Some of us love to cook in our spare time…

PNB Corps de Ballet memberLeah O’Connor

and some of us are sports fan…

PNB Corps de Ballet memberEric Hipolito Jr.

others have a passion for blogging…

PNB Corps de Ballet memberJessika Anspach

(read Jessika’s blog here)

and a few of us can’t go a day without playing guitar.

Seth Orza and Ezra Thomson

We eat it, breathe it, and some of us dream it.  Ballet is our life.  But we all have our second loves outside of the studio.


2 thoughts on “Not only a dancer

  1. Cool blog. It was fun hooping with you guys last week – who knew dancers could ball out? Let’s do it again next year.
    And hey, I heard from a reliable source that one of those guys with the guitars is John Mayer’s cousin.

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