The Ugly Truth

While everyone in the audience gets to see the ballerinas in their pretty pink pointe shoes, not everyone gets to see what is happening underneath those satin shoes.  What is my toe armor?  Masking tape on the big and little toe with a paper towel in each foot for cushion.
Pointe Shoes Ballet Toe Tape
No two dancers do exactly the same thing.  Check out these tape jobs.
Pointe Shoes Ballet Toe Tape
Pointe Shoes Ballet Toe Tape
Pointe Shoes Ballet Toe Tape
Pointe Shoes Ballet Toe Tape
Still think ballet is pretty?

17 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth

  1. I know all about this since my former girlfriend was a Ballerina. Her poor feet were all beaten up. I used to care for them though. She would pick up the bus everyday and come home on it every night. it stopped outside of my apartment.
    I would have a bath for her feet ready as soon as she got home. 100 Deg. F. “Johnson’s Footsoap” and Epson Salts. She would come in and then sit down and sock her poor little feet (size 5 Freed’s) for 1/2 an hour. I would then dry them off with a warm towel (heated in the microwave). I would then massage her feet with “Lotil” brand foot lotion and then put clean white cotton socks on her feet.
    I did this every single night. She always told me that this was the routine that kept the pain at a minimum.

  2. As a former ice hockey player, I’m not surprised at the athleticism or preventative reinforcement which ballet requires, particularly at a top-tier professional level.

    Even when I was playing actively (as opposed to the occasional pick-up game now and then), I was never in good enough shape to be a dancer. I’m hoping to remedy that at least enough to feel confident that I wouldn’t be overmatched in a beginning class this year, though.

  3. My daughter danced until her late teens and I can remember seeing her tape her feet like this! The behind the scenes of athletes and artists is amazing…I remember reading how Muhammud Ali got shots between his fingers before his last few bouts because his hands were so bruised and sore. The quote “The Champ hates the needles, but knows he can’t practice his craft without them” sticks in my mind from a Sports Illustrated article Thanks, ladies, for suffering so we can love you.

  4. This is what I love about ballet. It’s such a dichotomy. I’m sure there are sore ankles and legs and arms and backs and necks, too but you would never know it when you watch them dance. Simply beautiful!

    • Of coarse we have!! But still, I wear ouch pouches and still need to tape my little toes otherwise I get blisters. So while ouch pouches are incredible, they are not invincible when one dances from 10 am to 7pm!!

      • Lol, fair enough! I guess I don’t wear my pointes to enough to blister, I just get pain in my insteps

  5. Us ballerinas don’t care what Ʋ think we do it bec we love it so don’t judge its the same as any other sport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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